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"Continuous International Graffiti Art Slide Show Below" (toss in America, u.s. three birds, one stone39zion) Michael Jackson rabid in the mirror (man)
mirror, mirror , on the wall, who's the greatest, lying mother flower of them all, the mirror, replies, eye am, for seeing is never believing..
eyezzaa duezzaaa belivzzz you mr. mirror,are correct 100%
this meek key ka bee key,
don't look on that "reflection"
unless eye lose..
well, that was the case,
from root 66 to up rooted 1998 22/11
with 6 and 1 spikes running
thru my forehead,
with such created power,
running me to the pet. pet.
starting line of 601pet1 first word first verse,
ending with 601pet2 last word last verse 2 .25cal davis industries simi auto
words, of such power, and horror, being taken
to that 66book, woe, woe, woe,
where my hands, were not
mine, where my tongue,
was not mine "power"
having me speak,
unspeakable, so
onto you, 
7billion served, if you think,
your reflection
will swipe me
away like
a credit
with your "shit" of hommy commie jews/false wisdom,
hexagram of david, foundation, pink eye media, your tora-h and kora-n insane...