The Separated Nations of Uncle Sam
Houston MC "in old we trust"
(freedom from all religion foolishness)
is coming, but not in 48 governor hell holes
or the whore of 48 hell holes brainwashing-ton dc

African American or Black Key
If you remain, calling yourselves African American  (all blacks 7billion world wide) and don't create
the Black Key to exodus, eye 6starpink eye 6starblack will kill/spiritually sacrifice every
one of you on the earth and upstairs, only those found in the
book of Black Key can apply to remain..
is that clear? I'm going to kill you white mother fucker give me the keys 228-1994
eye will extinct you and your yellow buddies, right of the fucking earth and world..
UK tooth pick AF spear HK chopsticks with Mums the word Mumbai Mosque Moscow, Bay Jingo Bel90, Beijing and Mecca cc33 hexagram of david shit--

Same for White Tea book, (except 14europe)
Same for Brown Knee book

remain one world building "home of the brave" Indians under "one world won" 28UNempourroars,
or switch via those first 13 states letter heads to mr. what?
you have until 9/28 midnight..

if you continue to remain "one world won" home of the brave.
only one typing will remain.. promise, not threat.. like white Indians like to say..

brainwashing ton dcUN193big rav4enous,
four election coming ming die nasty 2016,
"in god we trust"     one world one people one god, push
1mecca, 2mumbai, 3beijing, 4moscow
this site will contain information
from 429 to ??? regarding political
request made to/from 125LAW 123inLaws
1city, 2county, 3state and 4federal..
date and time last info entered into
pink eye 8 rocks web of techs, which are
"evolving" 12/15/14 into pink6star is born 12/15/15-
5/22/2015 A.D Houston time 7:26 am 
"in old we trust"  "love (demons) story" (love word in music)
102sam5:4 22 years d-one on 5/31/2015 18 years to go..
3.5L 24valve Dodge Intrepid
ES Emerald Green NOT driven since 8/1999..

picture of DQ31 YES!
china31 have 9billion demons with her,
and 1 million hot cars 1 million cold cars back up 4when needed
the 2secret rabid have 9billion snakes and 9billion dragons in a dream
they will be pointed out, by 9billion demons, as needed to be "spiritually sacrificed"
smooch bye, bye and sent to heaven, the future China will be "in old we trust" true Democracy and Capitalism
DQ31 style....

oh, In the music "love" is code for "demons" nine billion..

Puppy has KFC logo..
Kitty has Cactus Records logo..
Puppy has 1 million hot wheels/idols "evolving" 24jer50/90 bel robbed... Zero's Game Room
Kitty has 1 million cold wheels/idols "evolving" 66rev3:7-13... Piano Bar
1983 Williams Tower is future, home of Hot & Cold wheels.. known as Zero's Game Room & Piano Bar
like in the new old move John Wick,
that will be the "Intrepid" (continental)
with Zero's Game Room & Piano Bar..
(don't tell rabid abbot yellow rose, they think it belongs to 228-1994 Marco Broden and Glen Green 11311 pride and joy 18job13.1 well done & gone at Kirby and South 8pm "Obanion" Williams Car Wash car2millionwash/watchtowernowbelongstopeiceofshittyping Intrepid Tower is cuming all over your face)

the rav4enous cities represent many breakaways..
1beijing31provinces/states apply via Mountain King Chief Seal ® -sovereign nation- born g-one on 7/1/2013
$64 doll hair question?
off this 48corner "quickly" in mind and flesh...
that must "apply" for new old pole and ancient flag,
via Graffitibusters ® -sovereign nation- born d-one on 4/1/2013
only can they "apply" after 125 is concluded 123 is concluded 248 is finished..
new old Washington DC under Washington County of NOT of OLD-

13 stripes of UK/HK/AF ric ahh,
1602 front nine/world 1620 back nine/trade dead center 1611/66 book missing..
must be replaced by---
13 letters from 13 governors letter head with what? dead center on paper, sent to mr. what? Graffitibusters ® -against all odds- evens-manSIONS via brainwashington (Washington DC) offer first 51-531 which represent the UN193 whole kit and cabootoe..
during this month... remember: earth has only one flag, the your ahh pee on Union flag, 125 or 12/5star mock (5star for it has no math, like the hexagram flag which has been removed, with all flags on earth, for 7billion have chosen one world one people
45rom1:22 foolishness against the 66book)

another thing, 373UN193 7billion symbol brain "world", cartoon brain, of pink mama, kill stone39 pro,
forgot to men sion, mention, that ahh, your ahh,
pink mama "invisible techs of old" eye, think pink, is evolving or
"A Pink Star 6 Is Being Born" with the "white" number "6" in 352 English
conception 12/15/2014
born 12/15/2015
put right next to the black 6 star'''
boo hoo do you feel the pain?

1who? 2what? 3where? 4when? 5who? 6which? 7how?
4when? when brainwashington dcUN193world, uses the word "classified" 2what? what the hell does that mean?
it "means" keep the activities/business/personal/professional of 27billion spirits away from 7billion pop,
classified against the population. so "the" need to "force" brainwashington dc to separate from UN193
with the word "what"? is the dew on the mountain..
which is to say, start the UN193hexagram6,buck44over tare, with wheat...125&123 "separate" separation like two horn knee dogs spayed with a water hose.. with, thumb on it, like your Joel Osteen, professional lie for one typing like to say, lake wood "the" church is coming he be the jesus, before all church doors read above, "in old we trust"

Washington DC
commie white tea braves and squaws,
with your four jokers and eyerash, 
have a end31days clock,
51-531 to produce, 13 governor
mansion letter heads from with the word what?
dead center to
mr. what? (former mr. anti-nuke), we can't be swept away,
over your/our dead UN193body, one world body,
before you comply? is that what you say behind closed commie doors?
I will take you down Washington DC, and force you to comply, in time,
one way or another time, time and time again.. :~)(~:

white tea pop, black key pop, brown knee pop, Indians braves and squaws,
of 123 outlaws and 125 inLAWs prepare
for Washington DC commie, full blown, not to do one
single governor25 or governor23 white letter head with word what?
sent to Graffitibusters ® 6231 Westward #67 Houston-Texas 77081-3223
17trillion commie they hold,
never swipe it away,
with 25 letter heads from
governors...with word what?
(the/alaska2 fuck/hawaii11)

Those who reside outside of 25 empire states of mind,
time to do lottery mind in reverse, pick a number, any
number 1-13 if your smart, memorize all 13 with square miles,
think on it all day long, kick lake superior brain out..
if not so smart, pick one out of 13 and memorize it,
for what ever reason that helps you remember that
number, first letter of state, not name of state, and square miles..

7billion question: 2what? has happened? why can't I appease cloud cars, 1-1000 like before 322-2015?
7billion answer: 23isa28:22 is your choice.. 322-2002-(13) 322-2015 installs 18job13:1 In your forehead,
so as 7billion will not be able to do as told, upstairs or on the floor, the more you disobey, the more
crazy your cloud cars get, the more crazy you as a cell of the world will get, then you be taken upstairs,
and be offered into another's cloud car.. the sit and wait for one to die, is over, and you can never appease,
a cloud car, only be offered into the crystal ball. 7billion UN193 minus 14europe, do have liberty, to contact Washington DC,
tell them to do the 13 letter head with word what? from 13 governors as informed them to do..
the chip in your head, was put in there by 1gen6 mythology sons of god, for the sons of god will is being done,
the sons of god have a foundation, they must complete, the sons of god have only one representative
on earth, 7billion world trespassing on earth had 13 years to choose the only wisdom offered 66rev13
citizens of the world, choose pink eye techs mama kill the one who represents hell earth and sons of god,
now all citizens of the world 7billion on earth have the third eye of old installed, given at birth since 322-2015
the reward for 7billion+for the  choice to kill one-for~one world... so as you try to appease, the world cars, you will
get worse, big time Washington DC for they represent the 193UN world, 7billion souls, at this time, so if, white trash here
typing, can get them to, do/dew 13 governors letter heads, then the world, 193UN can start to have another
opportunity to escape, from the choices of 13 years 322-2002 to 322-2015 but it starts, with letter heads
from 13 governors or it ends with 13 letter heads not coming in the servant of 7billion souls citizens of foolishness..

the story this servant, prepared for, was post nukes blow 7billion away, then the sons of god, install chips, not this lovey dove ee,
sit and wait for 13 years, zillion dollar commie fake money, dumped like nukes on hell earth with pink eye techs,
1% rabid brain concentration camp david pink eye...

those spirits, demons, dragons, snakes, you commune with, daily, will get you "drunk upstairs"
for they don't know how the world works, they want to save you,
but will get you vanished.. funny? yes very funny, indeed..
for this piece of shit, not once, did two way commune
with those commie appeasing pleasing wait for one
to die 27billion rabid from china...

if your looking,
for graffiti removal,
in Houston-Texas
please return after